2021 in Words

It's already week 2 into the new year and if I must confess, time is of the essence. I mean just the other day we were all young dumb and broke, and here we are all being mature, smart yet dumb, and sometimes broke.

With a new year of course comes new resolutions and stuff. 🥴Some of y’all are probably now trying to work out 😂and maybe reading novels🤓 or a new skill. And being a recent developer advocate I advise you to try Coding .😁😉. And it’s so good seeing people in my life trying something that they are passionate about. I’ll probably go back to skating till we get that Audi 😢😢.

One question that has been popping up in my timeline is what’s the one lesson 2021 is what you carried forward to this new year. Love is mine. Not this cliche type of love that we have normalized but real love. Love in things you are passionate about, people in your life and most definitely loving yourself. Remember passenger by Chris Martin?? Only hate the road when you miss home, Only know you love her when you let her go??

2021 was not a so good year but counting on many little blessings? I’d sum up with we win some lose some in the end. Am passionate about Coding and it’s like an adventure. New Technology means new development and that means more learning and commitment. I’ve had my ups and downs the last year when it comes to coding and living on my own. From thinking about your next meal and billing strategy to working for good and not-so-good clients. I remember I had gotten to a point where I had literally given back and was ready to go back to my old boring career. (Sorry loud nerds, but we are back now😁😁)

I had to say goodbye to a number of people and habits in my life. Some willing others we couldn’t avoid the circumstances. The music and podcasts kept us sane though. I was having a conversation with my best friend the other day and we were talking about how life has changed since we last saw each other. And it was a conversation about how we both moved to different towns and how people have different mindsets of coping with life.

Ever since I moved to the city, I immediately grew up. That was a few years ago and We here aren’t we? And looking back I think I’d say it was worth all that.No Regrets right? We’ve trusted the wrong crowd and we got a master's degree in character development from it and we also put our trust in the right people and things went smoothly.

People out here are all smart. For most of my time spent in the city most of my conversations on my socials were from not just big developers in the industry but also other seniors in different fields and them just narrating how they have managed to be where they are and the effort, they put into it. It's just easy to say I now understand the one-word ten letters song better. If you love something so bad and you have the right people to push you to it then nothing can stop you.

“Imagination is the limit; go out there and create some magic”. Elon Musk

There are days where I feel like just chilling in the house playing my dope playlist coding or watching a marathon of some documentary or film, and others am all energized ready to welcome the world in my little safe place. And in both scenarios, I get ideas that could work best for me and people close to me. At the beginning of the year, my best friend made me try writing down resolutions. Many people will make New Year’s resolutions, however, the majority will also fail to achieve them. But making resolutions is still a good idea — with plenty of positive effects.

My goal was to create a tech brand that encouraged people to embrace technology and as it should and have everyone benefit from it. I promised myself to create 12 websites from my imagination within the year and get a certification in an online course and also work on paying my bills. Most of it synced along, others didn’t work out but it's all good. God has granted us another year, now remaining 354 days to try new things.

As I always preach, Self-love and choosing who to trust are two important tools we need in these streets. Don’t let your decisions and behaviorism make you forget who you truly are. The year 2021 also taught me the virtue of a balanced life and how significant the practice was. The extremes of any kind are unhealthy and so were our routines. We all are addicted to our electronic gadgets for hours and hardly took out time to converse with family and friends. I was from the same group, engaged in my work, web series, and social media. Later on, this realization made me alter my habits, the pattern of work and gradually it became healthy and pleasant. I scheduled myself, took responsibility for the household work, and willingly completed that. Not only did I learn something different, but I also got a break from the monotonous schedule.

We learn every day and this process should never stop! Adios Loud Nerds!



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Shyla B

Shyla B

just a girl who writes for fun in hope to make a difference 🙂