Hello there , My name is Sheila Bernice. Ever since i discovered Programming skill i make a decision to be the best that i can possibly be. And i faced challenges in my experience i still do but that did not make me want to stop. I’m going to narrow down my life ever since i started all this.

The first time i interacted with Linux OS was when my big brother joined uni and i being the stubborn last born wanted to watch a movie with his laptop. So he was forced to dual boot his machine and use Ubuntu at night.And i use to admire how his terminal would display colored words on a black background. That thing stuck in my mind for the longest time possible. If you ask anyone who we went to high school together they will tell you my crazy passion for computers.And that’s where my passion for computers began.

I joined a college in Nyeri Kenya where i did a diploma in Accounts. And had zero interest in the career. So in one way or another i was able to get a laptop. Fujitsu A30 i remember. I had this friend who was was a engineering student and i heard her mention C++ and how hard it was. I got interested and I borrowed her notes and I started teaching myself how to code. My mom then later saw the interest and she told me to apply Moringa School. December was when my interview was at .This was my first time in Nairobi as an adult. Just like many Moringa gave me the chance to create my dream of being a programmer come true. I joined my classes in Feb 2019 and whoa saying that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. The first weeks were extra challenging. I remember the first week got lost in town twice.

Then I made some friends. We would go home together after classes.Things were okay until i was introduced to java Darn I was a complete numb i didn’t understand spark and i was forced to retake a module. I talked to my dad and he said it’s okay. So rejoined another class and by God’s grace i managed then came android. Again I was overwhelmed and I did not make it. This time I gave up and I even started weighing my options. But then i was reminded that i had come so far to give up and we all are different and our differences define us. Some will learn to code a new language in a month ,some in a year.Move with your own pace.So what if you didn’t make it the first time . So what if you was told programming is hard. So what if you failed. I’ve learnt that there is no perfect programmer. But the good that are out there became who they are because they believed in themselves and became the the best version of them . You don’t have to get the concept the first time or the second time or even the third. Just don’t stop practicing don’t quit on code. Just Stay strong and keep transforming that caffeine to code. You’ll get there ,One day at a time. Success is measured but your many little efforts added up together.

That is what keeps me going .Knowing that your ugly failures can be your future achievements makes me want to be a better programmer in the future.

To anyone who has a passion of programming you can be that cool programmer you see in your head and just have the skill of knowing how to learn and have a learning approach.




just a girl who writes for fun in hope to make a difference 🙂

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Shyla B

Shyla B

just a girl who writes for fun in hope to make a difference 🙂

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